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Fronzie Charles Grenadian Senior Taekwon-do Athlete



HEIGHT : 5’ 9”

DATE OF BIRTH : 01/01/1978

Fronzie Charles is a Grenadian born Senior Taekown-do Athlete currently residing in England with his wife and two young children. He is a qualified and certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist and Taekwon-do Coach. Fronzie has been training, teaching and competing in Taekwon-do for over 20 years. He holds more than 30 medals including international titles in both Traditional and Olympic Styles. He was twice awarded Sportsman of the Year in Grenada. Fronzie was responsible for reinstating Grenada with the World Taekwon-do Federation. He has won numerous other awards at British Competitions and Caribbean titles.

Fronzie Charles Grenada Athlete

He designed his own fitness programme in 2007 Soca Skip® Power Workout and is currently working to take it global. He teaches across local gyms and is often called upon to address young people at school assemblies and youth days.

Fronzie Charles Grenada Taekwon-do Athlete

He is currently in training to represent Grenada at the upcoming World Championships in June 2017 alongside his younger athlete, nephew and student Rowan Charles. Fronzie has never given up on his goal to win a World Championship title for his country of birth Grenada. He continues to study and develop new skills in the fitness and sports industry. He wants to inspire more young men and women to pursue their dreams and to build more awareness of the benefits of the Sport of Taekwon-do. Fronzie is also the current President and Founding Member of the Grenada Taekwon-do Association responsible for the development of Olympic Style Taekwon-do on the tri-island state.


Rowan Charles will be attending the upcoming Pan-American Olympic Athlete Training Camp in Santo Domingo for the period February 10th to February 17th, 2020.





HEIGHT : 5’ 8”

DATE OF BIRTH : May 12th, 1997

Rowan Joshua Jonathan Charles is a Grenadian born athlete currently living in Miami and a former student of the Grenada Boys Secondary School. Rowan attends the Miami Dade College in pursuit of studies with a major in Physician Assistant/Dentistry. Rowan plays football for his team the Miami International SC and trains professionally with Red Force FC Miami Sharks United and assist with team building and training. He is a senior Taekwon-do Athlete with a passion for kicking. He is very active on the School Council and is working on becoming a business owner in the health and wellbeing industry.

Rowan began his Taekwon-do journey at age 3 under the watchful eyes of his Uncle and Instructor Mr. Fronzie Charles. He first studied the Traditional art form of Taekwon-do and soon developed an interest in the Olympic style. He graduated as a Black Tag in traditional Taekwon-do and is currently awaiting his 1st Dan in Olympic Taekwon-do. Rowan has worn local medals in sparring and patterns and is excited to represent the country of his birth globally. Rowan has captained soccer teams and captured 1st place in Triathlon at his High School in Grenada.

He is currently in training to represent Grenada at the World Taekwon-do Championships in Korea this June. Rowan says ‘It will be an honour to participate alongside my coach and fellow athlete in the birthplace of Taekwon-do. We will be going for gold for sure’.


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