A non-profit sports organization adopted this day April 01, 2004 as the national association for the Pan-American country, Grenada, West Indies

1.0. Name of the Organization

The Name herein registered as a non-profit organization is the Grenada Taekwon-do Association (GTA) and has been reinstated by a new administration. The organization is the legal body registered with the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC) since 2003 and the member national association for Grenada with the World Taekwon-do Federation(WTF) re-branded to World Taekwon-do (WT) in 2019. The organization is guided by the rules and regulations of the World Taekwon-do (WT) and will adopt any amendments in accordance with the WT.

2.0 Mission Statement

The organisation is devoted to developing and providing a world class service to Instructors, Coaches, Athletes, Referees and Umpires of Taekwon-do in our country. It is dedicated to nurturing and raising the profile of the Art and Sport, providing equal and fair opportunities to all involved in Taekwon-do. Athletes and officials will represent Grenada as Ambassadors at local, regional and international events, promoting team spirit, discipline and good sportsmanship.

The organisation is committed to the learning and adopting of the World Taekwon-do’s GMS system as part of it’s technological advancement in registering athletes, instructors, school clubs and officials more efficiently. This include registration for major events, which now includes on-line training, meetings and seminars.

3.0 Vision Statement

The development of a fully equipped Olympic Taekwon-do venue for Grenada, the hosting of world class training seminars and tournaments with all Taekwon-do schools being registered and outfitted with quality equipment taught by experienced and qualified instructors.

3.0 Organization Structure

The development of a fully equipped Olympic Taekwon-do venue for Grenada, for the hosting of world class training seminars and tournaments with all Taekwon-do schools being registered and outfitted with quality equipment, taught by experienced and qualified Instructors.

4.0 Organization Structure

Amended this day January 28th, 2020 at an Extraordinary Meeting to appoint new members due to exceptional circumstances.

Life Long Honourary Memberships were appointed and agreed to include the current President with international responsibilities and shall include in the future, any other strategic position the board may deem essential.

The guiding principles of the organization shall be governed by a Board elected every 4 years comprising a President, Vice-President(s), a Secretary General and a Treasurer, in accordance to World Taekwon-do (WT) rules and regulations.
The Grenada board shall also include a Youth Development Officer, a Senior Athlete and a Public Relations Officer. Non-voting members shall include an ITF Advisor, a Technical Advisor, Parent Advisor and the web-design and management team.

The board will be responsible for monitoring and providing guidance to Taekwon-do Instructors and senior athletes at the registered schools. The board will manage the administration of the organization including all legal and financial matters. The Honourary Life Long President shall be the main liaison with the international body and the President (Local Affairs and Development) with all relevant national bodies. However, both may intervene in the absence of the other at international and local meetings.

5.0 Aims and objectives of the Organization

-To raise the profile and increase awareness of Taekwon-do in Grenada through promotions, demonstrations, and various media coverage.
-To increase membership of Taekwon-do organisations and athletes.
-To establish national teams for Grenada over the next 10 years to participate in Olympics and World Championships and other high ranking events also known as G1 events.
-To contribute to the physical, mental and spiritual development of all our athletes of Taekwon-do in Grenada and abroad over the next 10 years.
-To build and transform communities using the art of Taekwon-do as a vehicle, through events and activities such as the Summer Training Camp and Talent Scouting, Demonstrations and family days.
-To develop relationships with schools and other organizations to build the capacity of Sports in Grenada through our Youth Ambassador programme targeting grass roots communities and the wider community.
-To support the anti-doping laws and abide by its principles in carrying out and developing Taekwon-do and ensure that each athlete and member is made aware and informed of our zero tolerance policy.
-To provide a professional service and promote a high quality sport that is essential to the development of our youths and adults in Grenada.
-To contribute towards excellence in Sports Tourism by hosting regional seminars and tournaments.
-To work with the Ministry of Sports, the National Olympic Committee and other relevant bodies to continue to build awareness of the art in Grenada.
-To utilize and promote our National Stadium for hosting events in the future.
-To produce high quality competitions nationally and regionally. To contribute towards a disciplined society and provide opportunities for all communities.
-To develop a sustainable long-term strategic plan for Taekwon-do in Grenada.
-To maintain quality relationships with the World Taekwon-do, Pan-American Taekwon-do Union, Caribbean Taekwon-do Federation, the Grenada Olympic Committee and other national, regional and international bodies.
-To support the development of overseas athletes representing Grenada.

6.0 Operating Policy

Grenada Taekwon-do Association will serve as a catalyst for developing and raising the profile of Taekwon-do in Grenada.

The organization will be responsible for accessing relevant funding through its Olympic Committee and by leading on fund-raising ventures for Taekwon-do to ensure that Grenada is represented regionally and internationally at main events. Any personal assets invested in the organization by Board Members must be managed effectively and included in our annual financial statements. An agreement must be made between the person investing and the organization before receipt of any assets.

The organization may seek legal advice in such matters. The organization will manage a bank account under its current name with a maximum of 3 signatories or a minimum of 2.

6.1 Operating Policy – Athlete Management

The organisation will draft a strategic and marketing plan to support senior athletes (post 2008 Olympics) with their continued development in the sport.

Membership fees and athletes fees will be obtained via the new GMS system to include fees from overseas athletes.

Registration fees will be obtained from prospective athletes when submitting all information for consideration. This includes overseas athletes – who will also provide a profile, references for consideration by the Board.

To represent at senior competitions the athlete must be able to demonstrate and show proof of Kukkiwon or equivalent black belt degree. (See Rules and Regulations Appendix 1) and current ranking.

The organisation as the governing body is the only organisation responsible for selecting and approving coaches for the national team and approval for individual coaches by overseas athletes.

All media coverage and promotional material of athlete must be approved by the organisation.

The organisation is also responsible for granting permission and approving instructors opening and teaching Taekwon-do schools. All schools must be registered with the organisation and abide by its rules and regulations.
(Appendix 11).

The organisation will provide examiners for senior gradings and shall ensure that instructors are qualified to carry out coloured-belt gradings. The organisation is responsible for approving any visits by foreign instructors, coaches and masters. All Senior belt gradings for overseas athletes must be communicated to the organisation.

7.0 Duties of the Committee Members

The Committee members will be responsible for the decision making on all strategic matters. At meetings a quorum shall be understood to be no less than 3 board members. One of whom must be either the President or Vice-President. Meetings should be held quarterly in addition to an Annual General Meeting. Agenda, Minutes and Action Plans must be taken.

It is the responsibility of the Secretary General to schedule these meetings and minute accordingly. The organization shall also meet quarterly with school instructors at a separate meeting to be updated on all matters of relevance and to provide any support needed.

The President (Local Affairs and Development) is responsible for managing the Agenda for all meetings and assisted by the Secretary General.
In the absence of the said President, the meeting shall be chaired by the Vice-President or Secretary General.

The organisation shall be responsible for the recruitment of national athletes and the overseeing of their professional development in collaboration with national instructors and senior board advisers.
The organisation is responsible for selecting the national teams. This will be carried out by a selection panel. The School Instructors shall liaise with the President (Local Affairs and Development) or the Vice-President in the absence of the former. All schools must be registered with the organization and adhere to the rules and regulations (Appendix 2).

The Honourary Life Long President will be the main representative at the World Taekwon-do and Pan-American Taekwon-do Union Annual General Meetings and will hold the voting right for the organisation. In his absence the proxy will be given to the Local President.

The Secretary General shall be the second representative at these meetings but will only have the voting right in the absence of the President. This is in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the WT.

The President (Local Affairs and Development) and the Secretary General would represent the association at National Olympic Committee Meetings and other strategic local meetings. In the absence of either, another board member can attend to make up the quorum of 2 at these meetings on behalf of the organisation.

The Secretary General is responsible for all secretarial affairs and administration including access to the GMS registration website and filing of athletes and schools.
The Public Relations Officer is responsible for producing any promotional material and will act as the main liaison for the press and media. The PRO will report to the President (Local Affairs and Development) or Vice-President on any matters of national relevance and the Honourary Life Long President on international matters.
All board members will be required to support the PRO in fund-raising ventures. The PRO will liaise with local companies to promote activities of the organisation and to secure sponsorships for Senior Athletes and the National Team members. All written correspondence will be co-signed by the President (Local Affairs and Development) or Vice -President.

All Board member roles are voluntary in nature and there are no paid position. However, the organisation can provide expenses and remuneration towards members any administrative cost that occurred on behalf of the organisation. Board members will be entitled to incentives such as training, certification, and any endeavours of travel to support the national team.

The day to day operations shall be vested in the President (Local Affairs
and Development) and Vice-President with all international affairs managed by
the Honourary Life Long President.

The Treasurer will be responsible for the recording of all financial transactions,
Including managing the banking and disbursement of funds in collaboration with the
President (Local Affairs and Development). Including payment of fees to
international, national and regional bodies. The Treasurer shall also be responsible
for producing relevant Financial statements and any other documents that are
required by the WT.

The Youth Development Officer will liaise with the board on matters relating to
schools participation in demonstrations, take a leading role at the Talent Scout,
represent the Association at local meetings where necessary and support the PRO
with fund-raising ventures. The YDO will be in communication with the Senior
Athlete Advisor and convey to the Board accordingly any relevant concerns or ideas.

The Technical Advisor will liaise with the Honourary Life Long President and the
President (Local Affairs and Development) on competition rules, any changes in and
updates on the sport.

General Elections will take place every four (4) years and all documents relating to
this meeting must be prepared at least 2 months prior to the scheduled date.
New board members will be elected at this meeting and all relevant policies and
procedures will be reviewed and amended accordingly.

The GTA Board shall inform the National Olympic Committee and the World
Taekwon-do and any other relevant body in writing, regarding the new board
members and on any relevant changes.

8.0 Election of Committee Members

Members of the committee will be elected amongst national instructors of registered schools, community leaders and sports organizations. Registered members and current board members would be allowed one vote each at these meetings. However, registered overseas athletes do not have voting rights.

The person holding the role of President should be held by a Senior Taekwon-do practitioner or equivalent with relevant experience and knowledge of the
international body.

9.0 Amendments to the Constitution

Any proposed amendments to the Constitution must be discussed at the annual general meeting or at an Extraordinary Meeting and agreed, by at least 4 members of the Board of which the President, Secretary General, and or Vice-President are included. The management committee shall have the power to decide any matter not covered by the Rules and Regulations and Constitution and any decision made shall be final.


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