Rules – Athletes


Athletes: Individual Applications – Overseas Athletes

  • 1. Athletes must complete the application form for approval.
  • 2. Athletes must write a letter of intent, supported by a copy of their Black Belt Licenses and Kukkiwon Certificate, Grenadian Passport, 2 references (including their Instructor) and 2 passport size photos. These will be submitted along with the Application Form.
  • 3. Athletes must provide a recent medical certificate.
  • 4. Athletes will pay a registration fee of $50 EC to be submitted with the application form.
  • 5. An annual membership fee of $150 EC is to be paid to the GTA following registration.
  • 6. Athletes are expected to be team members and represent Grenada respectfully at all times.
  • 7. Athletes will report to the President of the GTA or the appointed Team Manager at Competitions.
  • 8. The Coach for the Overseas Athlete must be approved by the GTA to coach the Athlete at overseas games. An athlete training with a particular school and coach does not automatically give that Coach/Instructor approval to represent the athlete and by extension the country. Credentials and a brief profile must be provided along with the Application along with references. The Coach may provide a reference for the Athlete. A second reference will also be needed.
  • 9. The Athlete and coach representing Grenada must do so with respect at all times. They must also understand that they are represented by the Grenada Taekwon-do Association and relevant acknowledgement is required.
  • 10. The GTA will support fundraising efforts for students that are selected to represent Grenada where possible.
  • 11. The GTA is the main liaison for the Athletes to the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports and other associates including the media.
  • 12. The GTA is responsible for promoting and informing students of upcoming events and opportunities.
  • 13. The GTA is responsible for the submission of press releases relating to student’s participation and successes. In the absence of a GTA representative, the athlete should provide all relevant information within 48 hours. Including seeking approval for all media coverage and interviews.
  • 14. Athletes interested in a particular competition not advertised by the GTA must send their interest in writing no later than 30 days before the competition.
  • 15. Athletes will provide all details requested by the GTA and will do so in a time allotted with regards to reports and updates.
  • 16. The GTA will be responsible for registration of all Athletes at local, regional and international competitions.
  • 17. Each Athlete will be responsible for the payment of the competition fee unless sponsorship is provided.
  • 18. Both Senior and junior athletes are expected to compete in the main competitions which include Senior World Championships, Junior World Championships, Pan-American Taekwon-do Championships, and the Pan-American Games.
  • 19. Other competitions though optional enhance the Athlete’s opportunities for success.
  • 20. After each competition, both athlete and coach must submit a brief report to the GTA no later than 48 hours after returning to their respective countries.
  • 21. Athletes must address senior officials of the GTA, coaches and instructors respectfully.
  • 22. The GTA operates with a zero tolerance code with regards to unacceptable behavior from any student. And is within its rights to withdraw any student from a competition or future competitions and further expulsion from competing for Grenada.
  • 23. Athletes will be asked to complete a feedback form to the GTA on a regular basis to give them the opportunity to let the organisation know if there have been any concerns or should they have any recommendations for improvement to the service provided.
  • 24. The GTA will maintain records of all athletes and schools registered with the GTA, keeping a progress sheet and also advising on ways that athletes and organisations can improve.
  • 25. Selection of athletes for main competitions in particular the Olympic Qualifiers will be done by the Selection Committee of the GTA in collaboration with Instructors.
  • 26. Athletes must abide by the rules and regulations of the GTA at all times. Failure to do so can result in expulsion.


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