Rules – Athletes

ATHLETES – Appendix 1


Athletes: Individual Applications – Overseas Athletes

1. Athletes must complete the application form for approval.
2. Athletes must write a letter of intent, supported by a copy of their Black Belt
Licenses and Kukkiwon Certificate, Grenadian Passport, 2 references (including their
Instructor) and 2 passport size photos. These will be submitted along with the
Application Form.
3. Athletes must provide a recent medical certificate.
4. Athletes will pay a registration fee of $50 EC to be submitted with the application
5. An annual membership fee of $150 EC is to be paid to the GTA following
6. Athletes are expected to be team members and represent Grenada respectfully at
all times.
7. Athletes will report to the President of the GTA or the appointed Team Manager
at Competitions.
8. The Coach for the Overseas Athlete must be approved by the GTA to coach the
Athlete at overseas games. An athlete training with a particular school and coach
does not automatically give that Coach/Instructor approval to represent the athlete
and by extension the country. Credentials and a brief profile must be provided along
with the Application along with references. The Coach may provide a reference for
the Athlete. A second reference will also be needed.
9. The Athlete and coach representing Grenada must do so with respect at all times.
They must also understand that they are represented by the Grenada Taekwon-do
Association and relevant acknowledgement is required.
10. The GTA will support fund-raising efforts for students that are selected to
represent Grenada where possible.
11. The GTA is the main liaison for the Athletes to the Olympic Committee and the
Ministry of Sports and other Associations including the media.
12. The GTA is responsible for promoting and informing students of upcoming events
and opportunities.
13. The GTA is responsible for the submission of press releases relating to student’s
participation and successes. In the absence of a GTA representative, the athlete
should provide all relevant information within 48 hours. Including seeking approval
for all media coverage and interviews.
14. Athletes interested in a particular competition not advertised by the GTA must
send their interest in writing no later than 30 days before the competition.
15. Athletes will provide all details requested by the GTA and will do so in a time
allotted with regards to reports and updates.
16. The GTA will be responsible for registration of all Athletes at local, regional and
international competitions.17. Each Athlete will be responsible for the payment of the competition fee unless
sponsorship is provided.
18. Both Senior and junior athletes are expected to compete in the main
competitions which include Senior World Championships, Junior World
Championships, Pan-American Taekwon-do Championships, and the Pan-American
19. Other competitions though optional enhance the Athlete’s opportunities for
20. After each competition, both athlete and coach must submit a brief report to the
GTA no later than 48 hours after returning to their respective countries.
21. Athletes must address senior officials of the GTA, coaches and instructors
22. The GTA operates with a zero tolerance code with regards to unacceptable
behaviour from any student. And is within its rights to withdraw any student from a
competition or future competitions and further expulsion from competing for
23. Athletes will be asked to complete a feedback form to the GTA on a regular basis
to give them the opportunity to let the organisation know if there have been any
concerns or should they have any recommendations for improvement to the service
24. The GTA will maintain records of all athletes and schools registered with the GTA,
keeping a progress sheet and also advising on ways that athletes and organisations
can improve.
25. Selection of athletes for main competitions in particular the Olympic Qualifiers
will be done by the Selection Committee of the GTA in collaboration with Instructors.
26. Athletes must abide by the rules and regulations of the GTA at all times. Failure
to do so can result in expulsion.


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