Rules – Organisations


The rules and regulations of the Grenada Taekwon-do Association (GTA) have been amended this day December 15th, 2008 to improve the organisation’s services and enable them to function more efficiently and effectively. The GTA aims to register all WTF and other Taekwon-do schools by December 2009 and to provide a quality service to all its members. The rules and regulations are written as guidelines for Organisations. The GTA is responsible for the annual fees to the World Taekwon-do Federation, Grenada Olympic Committee and the Pan American Taekwon-do Union. Organisational members would be entitled to one vote at elections held every 4 years.



  • 1. Persons wishing to open new schools must be certified and approved by the GTA.
  • 2. They must complete the registration form and allow for at least 7 days for a decision. Process may take longer if all documentation is not provided or if there are queries.
  • 3. The person making the submission, must provide relevant documentation including 2 references, a profile, 2 passport size photos, a letter of intent and a brief proposal. One reference should be from another professional person such as a Police Officer, Reverend, or Business Person and should be local. A copy of the company’s registration and or constitution must be submitted with the Application Form.
  • 4. The school Instructor must have a valid Black Belt License for Taekwon-do and or Kukkiwon Certificate.
  • 5. The school Instructor is expected to wear the professional dobok (uniform) when carrying out classes.
  • 6. Organisation must pay a registration fee of $100EC with this application to be submitted with the application form.
  • 7. Following approval and confirmation, organisations must pay a yearly fee of $300EC.
  • 8. Organisations will be asked to submit an annual report. They should also provide quarterly progress reports to the GTA for their schools.
  • 9. Organisations are required to ensure that their instructors have annual medical certificates and require the same for their students.
  • 10. Any oversees affiliation must be declared by the school and approved by the GTA.
  • 11. The Instructor must seek the approval for Grading from the GTA if not a 4th Degree Black Belt.
  • 12. Oversees Instructors are only appointed or approved by the GTA.
  • 13. Selection of students to compete at WTF sanctioned games and other International Taekwon-do competitions must be done so through the Selection Committee of the GTA based on recommendations by the Instructors.
  • 14. The School should aim to function with a minimum of 8 students at any time.
  • 15. The GTA is authorized to inspect the school and the progress of the students from time to time.
  • 16. The GTA will co-op on fundraising and other matters with the school as necessary.
  • 17. The GTA is the main contact for the Grenada Olympic Committee and Ministry of Sports on behalf of Taekwon-do.
  • 18. Press Releases and other media release must be approved by the GTA.
  • 19. No Instructor or Manager of a school is to act on behalf of the GTA or use the GTA’s name without prior written approval.
  • 20. The GTA will inform the School of any upcoming competitions and training opportunities that can benefit the school, the Instructor and its students.
  • 21. The GTA will support the provision of equipment at local competitions and activities when avaliable.
  • 22. School instructors must discuss with the GTA any plans to host workshops, camps and other events and activities and request permission in writing.
  • 23. The GTA has to approve any visits by overseas instructors and international students.
  • 24. The GTA will respond to emails and other communications within 48 hours of receiving it. Communications can be sent to the President and or Vice President or at the GTA’s main email address [email protected]


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